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Floral Water


A hydrosol is the aromatic water that remains after producing an essential oil thus making it a co product of essential oil. Also know as hyrolate, distilled water, or floral water. These are amazing and beneficial waters that are water soluble and gentle making it possible to use on the skin without further dilution. They are aqueous and have therapeutic medicinal and skincare benefits. With a PH between 5-6 they are suitable for skin care use even on babies and children. A truly unique product. Fun, easy and convenient .

Floral Water - Lavender

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Lavender officianalis, Lavandula angustifolia.
The "all-purpose" Essential Oil plant also yields an "all purpose" Hydrosol.

Lavender hydrosol is gentle, balancing for all skin types, cooling in summer's heat, soothing sunburns, healing irritation, gently tones oily, dry and mature skin, cleanses gently and safely. Lavender has always been recommended for fragile or damaged skin. The hydrosol makes a wonderful ingredient for face masks for all skin types, a gentle toner or cleanser; and a great mister to ease sunburn or windburn.

Emotionally, Lavender Water is relaxing and revitalizing. It can ease stress and reduce mental fatigue. Lavender is an "adaptor," adapting itself to your body and your psyche's needs, soothing or revitalizing as needed.

This lovely floral water is a wonderful addition to creams and lotions, and is recommended  it for infant care.

I like to use it as a linen spray, just a tiny spritz on the pillow on a sleepless night.

This is one hydrosol I don't use internally, whether full strength or diluted, I honestly don't enjoy its taste. The aroma of Lavender Hydrosol is not like that of the essential oil, because the linalyl acetate is not present in the water. Adding a small amount of either Geranium or Peppermint hydrosol to improves the aroma.


- Tone skin before make up spray on pillow for refreshing sleep enhancer Nervous? Spray and relax!
- Spray on hair.. Mist,spray and go!
- Freshen clothes
- Sticky hands and fingers? Spray and wipe!
- Out of baby wipe? Spray and wipe!
- Stuffy pillows
- Sweaty palms
- Foot freshener
- Soothes sunburn
- Prevent diaper rash
- Spray lingerie and nightwear
- Spray on furniture and wipe
- Irritated skin
- Jet lag
- Spray on burns and cuts
- Relax and revitalize? Mist over face
- Relieve stress and mental fatigue

Pour 3-4 drop of oil on a tissue. Take 3 long breaths, 1 short breath, 3 more deep long breaths through each nostril. Repeat this x3 Flood your nose with the scent. The more the better

Floral Water - Rose Geranium

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Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)
This floral water  possesses a sweet, rich, floral fragrance with a wonderful rose after note. It is an excellent hydrosol to spray on to help ease dry skin given its humectant properties. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to calm sunburns, rashes, insect bites and anything that has heat associated with it e.g., even a hot flash (it is known to reduce PMS symptoms as well).

Rose Geranium hydrosol can help stop itching and promotes healing of the skin underneath scabs. It REALLY works!!! If you have a rash, for whatever reason-- and the itch is  more than bothersome-- Rose Geranium works  to eliminate the itch almost immediately and in a few days the rash and itch is  gone!

Rose Geranium hydrosol, used as a facial treat, is recommended for balancing combination skin, since it balances both oily and dry skin. It's beautiful fragrance also makes it a light perfume. It is a cooling, antidepressant,useful to relieve hot flashes.

For best results, this hydrosol should be used within a year.
It will be helpful to store this precious hydrosol in the refrigerator.


- Spray on face and neck to moisturise and hydrate
- Prevent diaper rash
- Toner for skin
- Balance emotions and endocrine system
- Cellular regenerative
- Sunburn, rosacea, broken capillaries
- Stops bleeding
- Clean cuts and wounds
- Anti depressant and soothing to psyche
- Deodorize pets
- Gentle perfume or body spray
- Before, during or after gym to uplift spirits
- Linen and cupboard freshener
- Kid friendly for scabby knees and kid injuries
- Hot flashes during menopause
- Balance sebum for smooth, supple skin


Pour 3-4 drop of oil on a tissue. Take 3 long breaths, 1 short breath, 3 more deep long breaths through each nostril. Repeat this x3 Flood your nose with the scent. The more the better

Floral Water - Tea Tree

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Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) hydrosol is anti septic, anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial. Used topically it also can help clean scrapes, cuts and wounds as well as most kinds of skin irritations. Tea Tree hydrosol is excellent for fungal conditions such as athlete's foot, eczema and dandruff. It can be diluted in a douche to help with thrush and candidiasis as well as urinary tract infections.

If children find the smell too strong, tea tree hydrosol can be blended with lavender hydrosol to soften the scent. Tea tree hydrosol can also be used on dogs in the bath or in sprays to help maintain good health. It can be sprayed on your pet’s hot spots.

Tea tree hydrosol is the ultimate cleanser. It is great for teens with troubled skin. Just apply to the affected areas with a cotton pad or cotton ball. If you wax or do any hair removal, spray tea tree hydrosol on afterwards to remove the sting and redness.
Tea Tree Hydrosol's benefits are myria just like the essential oil. In spite of its unpleasant taste and odor, this is one of the most useful and effective hysdrosols...tea tree does do it all.  Excellent for most skin disorders, including psoriasis, eczema, rash.  Gentle enough to use for babies too.


- Spray as anti fungal on socks and in sock drawers
- Mouth wash or gargle for sore throats and mouth thrush
- Effective foot spray
- Wash cuts and wounds
- Hotspot on pets Cat fleas? Just spray on cat
- Effective on all fungal infections Athletes feet and eczema
- Dandruff? After shampoo rinse with tea tree hydrosol
- Antiseptic air freshener
- Hand sanitizer no need to rinse
- Emergency toilet seat sanitizer
- Baby wipe
- Deodorant spray.
- Toner for acned skin

Pour 3-4 drop of oil on a tissue. Take 3 long breaths, 1 short breath, 3 more deep long breaths through each nostril. Repeat this x3 Flood your nose with the scent. The more the better