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Help relieve headache if caused from stress or tension

Aromatherapy headache  remedies can be very helpful - especially for those nasty tension headaches you get from clenching your jaw or hunching your shoulders on stressful days.

It makes sense to use aromatherapy remedies for headache because essential oils work on two levels.

1. The emotional level: The scent gives you a quick hit of sensory pleasure - a calming, happy escape from the moment.

2. The physical level: The essential oils are absorbed into your body, where they rebalance your nervous system and relax your muscles.

A good emergency trick is to can carry the bottle of headache oil in your bag or keep it in your desk. And, at the very least, your space will smell good Try rubbing this natural headache remedy into your temples and the back of your neck to soothe tension and ease pain.

Powering Up

Using aromatherapy for headaches is a perfect solution for avoiding the use of commercially prepared headache medications. It rarely causes side effects and has been safely and effectively used for centuries. Headaches are mainly caused by tension and stress or sinus congestion.  Essential oils have a relaxing and analgesic effect and anti flammatory powers .

Essential oils of Lavender, peppermint, roman chamomile, eucalyptus. Pure organic grape seed.

Massage into temples, forehead, back and front of neck and shoulders. Can also be massaged into scalp for severe headache.
Add a few drops on a tissue and inhale.
Use as a compress over forehead.

Joint Pain

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Prevents and/or relieves chronic rheumatic pain and swelling Heats skin and underlying muscles and joints to relieve pain. Cuts through stiffness in joints and muscles.

Painful joints will love the feel of a gentle massage with this oil. Many types of arthritis exist , but they all have one thing in common , inflammation and pain in joints.

Lavender Shades  potent blend of essential oils for arthritis, rheumatism and  joint pain , helps reduce inflammation and improve circulation, thereby reducing pain .

Lavender Shades Joint Pain Oil with Helichrysum Everlasting has antiflammatory properties.
Helichrysum oil may provide relief of joint pain,  backaches, stiff joints and the like. For individuals with arthritic conditions, with potential significant anti-inflammatory action. Many folks use if for general stiff, painful and tight musculature as well.
Helichrysum enhances any essential oils blend for chronic pain relief, including Fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Essential oils of Helichrysum Everlasting, Black pepper, Rosemary, Marjoram, Lavender.
100% pure organic grape seed.

Do not use on children or during pregnancy

Apply gently to painful, inflamed area 2-3 times daily

Muscle Pain

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Relieves spasms, cramps and muscle tension. Eases pain and reduces inflammation. Use as a pre-sport rub to warm up muscles.

Applying therapeutic oil  to a specific joint or muscle is extremely beneficial in helping muscle or joint aches and pains.  Aromatherapy is ideal as the essential oils act locally and are immediately effective, and relief is experienced. The products in this range have been used by an increasingly number of people who have testified to the wonderful benefits. The cooling and warming effects of the essential oils help with circulation and pain relief. Roll, spray or rub - they are all essential to daily life

This oil has a powerful and stimulating effect . Helps your joints and muscles cope with the demand of exercise, minimising aches and pains and stiffness . It is also designed to prevent fatigue and improve performance, no sportsman or sports woman can afford to leave  without this magical oil. Your mind and body  will be ready for any action after rubbing this one on!

Essential oils of Black pepper, Ginger, Cypress, Lavender ,Eucalyptus.
Pure and natural grape seed.

Do not use on babies, children or during pregnancy.
Store in cool, dark place. .

Apply before or after exercising and for any muscular and body pains.